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    We study the application’s analog in detail and analyze existing IT solutions

    We create a design based on usability rules and follow Google and Apple requirements

    We provide stable application performance through testing at all stages

    We test your app on various gadgets, fix probable issues

    We conduct post-release Analytics (user behavior, source of install tracking, and Push Analytics)

    Our cooperation includes:

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    a free warranty service

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    approval of each stage of work with the customer

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    your app’s best match to your idea and business goals

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    a dedicated team for your project

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    regular reports on the work process

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    fixed prices and terms before work starts

    Stages of app development


    • Analysis of your business competitors
    • UX/UI/IA-design
    • Interface design
    • Functionality
    • Testing and auditing
    • Enabling Analytics
    • Management
    • Publishing in the App Store / Google Play
    • Technical support

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    As a rule, there is no clear price that can be named immediately, unless it is a copy of a previously made work. To understand the cost, you need to know how many employees of what skill level and profile you need to attract to the project and for how long. The cost of work is estimated in working hours, according to tariffs. The rates for a designer, a Senior-level server programmer, an iOS developer, and a tester are different.

    Well, ideally - a clear technical task. Provide the most detailed description of the task and functionality, including the design, vision of deadlines, and budget plans. Links to analogs, if available. We will estimate and discuss the details later.

    In App Store, publishing takes from 4 to 14 days. It doesn't matter if a new app is being uploaded or if it is an edit or addition to an existing one. Also, the market may close the application processing during the Christmas holidays (it happens every year). Keep in mind that the application may be repeatedly rejected, primarily if it is considered hidden monetization in any form (even by transferring to the website via an external browser), or tracking the user without their direct prior consent. Collecting and sharing any information (advertising, messages, contacts, etc.) WITHOUT the user's prior permission is not possible. Paid apps should be able to allow the user to log in and get acquainted with the options and features for free (about 24 hours from the moment of download). All of this may affect the speed and timing of publication. Google Play checks for paid content, tolerance (porn, racism, etc.), and viruses. The public is usually sent for posting within 4 to 8 hours. If the app is rejected from publication, based on the notification we receive, we will tell you what needs to be improved in Your app and send it for moderation again.

    Yes, this option exists: within about 15 minutes from the moment of downloading the app, you can go back to the smartphone menu and click "Delete".

    We develop native applications for the iOS and Android platforms without using templates and constructors. Ones we developed a cross-platform project on Xamarin, but this platform has some significant disadvantages, so we refused using It.

    Windows has a very small user base (so fewer orders) and limited development tools (compared to iOS and Android).

    There are two options: when the application has a server part, and when the application doesn’t have one. If the application has a server component (its execution, content, programming language, hosting and its settings, the domain name is agreed at the inception of the app) then everything is simple: in the menu made the necessary steps and information "lifted application" when the device is in the area of accessibility of the Internet, of course, optimal use of Wi-Fi and smartphone, to set permission to auto-update in the settings. Or you can do this when the app is launched. If the information is in the "app itself" (reference books, manuals, books, entertainment apps), then the content will be replaced by developers in the form of updates, which will certainly require financial costs and time.

    1) We will place the app on our or your account, and if necessary, we will tell you how to open yours. 2) We will transfer the app server to your hosting and will show you how to use it. 3) We will transfer the rights to the software product (if there are no other people's copyrights in the code, library, frameworks, etc.) and distribute it. 4) We will provide the source code.

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    FREE estimate for your project

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