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by pay-per-click contextual advertising

Your website free audit at one click

Enter a link to your website, and we will analyze its mistakes in 5 minutes. By fixing the issues you can increase your website traffic by 200-400%

    With us, you can optimize your expenses and filter out inappropriate transitions

    We save up to 25% of an ad budget and increase ads’ displaying accuracy using proper keywords and cross–minuses

    We take into account the seasonality of the business, which allows us to optimize return on investment

    We conduct A / B testing and identify the most conversion ads, headlines, page elements

    About PPC service

    What we do


    we conduct a deep analysis of the niche, targeted audience, and your competitors

    take into account the season of the business and reduce the level of error in the analysis of traffic dynamics

    we perform a website’s technical analysis and usability audit to convert traffic into customers

    we filter the untargeted audience, which leads to the less costs of advertising campaigns

    we plan advertising campaigns during high season

    we create a media plan, follow it and get necessary results


    we implement an advertising strategy using all the necessary paid advertising channels

    “online consultant” setup (if needed) for additional communication with the client and increase the conversion at all stages of the sales funnel

    we set up automated services to get detailed analytics and increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign


    we create various advertisements for each segment of the targeted audience and test them to identify the best

    analyze data in Google Analytics

    we take into account analytics and launch additional types of advertising set up dynamic remarketing and return visitors who are interested in your products or services, but have not completed an order yet

    analyze the website’s performance based on conversion data, and make suggestions for its development and modernization

    Let’s discuss your individual project.

      Should we check how your website’s ads are doing?

      We will provide you with a detailed audit of your advertising. You need an audit if:

      You have too little applications (you have paid for a “good” ad, but it did not produce results)

      The applications are too expensive (you overpay for traffic but don’t know what is the issue)

      You regularly invest in ads and it gives you no or little profit

      You are not comfortable with your current executor (you see that your specialist is not confident enough)

      To make it clear

      Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. You can find that step-by-step algorithm on how to get leads to your website and apply it to your business. But would you spend a lot of time and money on trying to figure out how it works? Get a quick free audit for your website and ad campaigns, and learn how to move it to the top of search engines and increase traffic with our help.

      Remember that at least one person in this world believes in your business.

      We are offering you PPC advertising services because:

      We know about new search promotion features and implement them effectively.

      We relieve you of the functional burden of promoting your website.

      We don’t want you to waste your precious time.

      Fill up this form and we will calculate the budget for your website advertising

      Your website free audit at one click

      Enter a link to your website, and we will analyze its mistakes in 5 minutes. By fixing the issues you can increase your website traffic by 200-400%

        About SEO SHOP NY

        We can optimize your income and will increase your sales and traffic. Sometimes it will be necessary to customize your website in order to increase conversion.

        We set up remarketing scripts for returning users to the site at different levels of the sales funnel.

        We scale effective directions of the launched campaign on the basis of identified growth points.